Why Giving Up Alcohol Can Cause Sugar Cravings & What To Do

This is likely because sugar slows the body’s rate of gastric emptying.5 Because of this, less alcohol enters the bloodstream. However, you’re still dealing with an addiction that can cause health pro...

Find Help and Treatment

The vast majority of the listings WIRED found used common tactics, whether they pushed drugs, escort services, or online account details. The spammy pages were often listed as online “events.” The eve...

Lawmakers push to limit use of opioid settlement funds to fight addiction : Shots Health News : NPR

Naltrexone is a medication that can be administered as a monthly shot to treat alcoholism and opioid addiction. Administering the medication as a monthly shot can make it easier for people to stick to...

GOSNOLD ON CAPE COD 1140 Route 28A, Bourne, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Center Phone Number

Addiction is a complex issue that not only affects individuals physically and mentally but also carries a heavy burden of stigma in society. Addressing this stigma is crucial to provide support and ef...

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